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Spring 2014 VAR Logo

April 11-13, 2014
RASS Field Station, Bath County, VA
Hosted by Richmond Area Speleological Society

For the first time ever, RASS is hosting a Spring VAR!! Normally hosts of the Fall VAR, RASS is giving the Spring field event a whirl! The event is being held at their field station in Bath County, VA. The location is an ideal one for VAR, as it has plenty of camping space, a huge pavilion, clean bathhouses, a de-con/cleaning station for gear and of course - lots of nearby caves!! If you haven't seen the beautiful acreage of the field station, now is the time to check it out!

Early registration will be available online this year!! We strongly urge you to register early using this form (fillable PDF). For those who choose online registration, we are using PayPal. You MUST email your form to the email indicated on the form if you are using PayPal. If you chose regular mail, please enclose your form with your check. T-shirts will only be available to those who register early, so get your form in as soon as possible! On-site registration opens on Friday at 2pm. We encourage you to register early though so that you can be guaranteed a meal on Saturday.

We apologize to the many pet owners out there, but no pets will be allowed without permission from the VAR committee.

Saturday night will be a very exciting presentation from guest speaker, Kristen Taylor of Richmond, VA. Her presentation will be: The Significance of Caves and the Appropriation of Them Throughout the History of the Mayas of Yucutan, Mexico. You don't want to miss this!

In addition to the presentation, a fantastic meal of spaghetti and meatballs, along with salad and bread will be served. Vegetarian meals will be provided by request. And of course, no caver event would be complete without BEER! Saturday night until 1am, beer will be served to those of age. There's a strong possibility of an impromptu jam session under the pavilion, so bring your instruments and join in the music!

As with Spring VARs of the past, your friends with Inner Mountain Outfitters will be there, selling absolutely everything you can think of in cave gear. In addition, they will be offering free gear advice, so bring your questions and try to stump the experts! Along with advice, they will be joining Kurt Waldron, Carl Amundson and Jeff Benford in another vertical practice session. You never know who will see hanging from the trees!!

Cave trips will be led throughout the area, including (but not limited to) trips to Crossroads, Porters, Paxtons, Clarks, and Island Ford for beginners. Trip Descriptions (PDF) are now available.

For non-cavers, events in the area can be found here: Discover Bath

And, once again, the Front Royal grotto will provide us with their fabulous Sunday morning breakfast. $4 for adults and $2 for children will get you all you can eat pankcakes, sausage, fruit, potatoes and coffee or tea. All proceeds to this breakfast go to cave conversation. Save yourself the hassle of making breakfast on Sunday and join your fellow cavers for an awesome and cheap meal.

The VAR business meeting will be held on Sunday morning as well, for you speleopoliticians out there.

Download and print out our Spring VAR 2014 Flyer/Poster (PDF) for your grotto.

For more information, please contact Amber Lehmann at springvar2014 gmail com

This page was last updated on 15.Mar.2014. Please send all corrections, updates and changes to