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Region Projects

July 1956. Williamsville, VA aid Va. Cave Survey Cave Survey Began map of Marshall's Cave; area checked for more caves. 32 attended.
Later 1956 Blacksburg, VA aid Va. Cave Survey B. Lutz explained aims and purposes of cave surveying to VPI Grotto; displayed mapping techniques. Starnes & Straley's Caves mapped.
Feb. 9-10,1957 Natural Bridge, VA aid Va. Cave Survey Low moor Quarry Cave napped. New caves located sear Natural Bridge.

August 3-4, 1957 Glasgow, VA Glasgow, VA Caves of Rockbridge County explored and verified.
Oct. 26-27,1957 Roanoke, VA aid Va. Cave Survey
Nov. 8-11,1958 Covington, VA aid Va. Cave Survey Area near Boiling Springs School checked for caves.

Nov. 1959 Fallings Springs ,VA aid Va. Cave Survey Warm River Cave map completed; mapping of other nearby caves begun.
April 15-16,1960 Bath County, VA aid Va. Cave Survey Marshall's and Clark's Caves mapping completed.
July 21-23, 1961 Bath County, VA aid Va. Cave Survey Hot weather; poor turn-out prevented much from being accomplished; in searching for Chestnut Ridge caves, rediscovered Burnsville Sink #1 and Boundless caves.

May 12-13, 1962 West Virginia Mapping Continued mapping and exploration of McClung's and Ludington's cavern; Explored Rapps, Buckeye Creek and Simms caves. 58 registered
May 4-5, 1963 Bath County VA Caving Fun! VAR Cave-o-me at Aqua Campground; sightseeing trips. VAR cavers putting much energy into Mountain Lake convention, June 1963.
1964 No projects No projects either for lack of interest or lack of coordinator.

May 1-2, 1965 Greenbrier Co., WV aid WVACS 45 registered. High water hampered most explorations. Mapping In Fuller's and McClung's.
1966 No plans WVACS wanted no more invasions' into sensitive areas. Lack of interest and coordinator.
April 29-30, 1967 Scott County, VA aid Va. Cave Survey 3 caves found in Rye Cove; major finds were McDavid's Cave and Cat Hole. 35 participants.

May 13-15, 1967 Swago Creek, WV aid WVASS Continued work in Swago Creek area; hampered by rains. Schoolberry Cave mapped.
May 30-June,1969 Moncove Lake, WV aid WVASS Baroody in charge; several Monroe County caves mapped.
Sept. 26-28,1969 Greenbrier Co. WV aid WVASS Baroody in charge; mapping in several Greenbrier County caves.

May 3-5, 1968 Watoga State Pk, WV aid WVASS Baroody in charge; mapping in Greenbrier & Pocahontas counties.
May 30-June 2 1969 Shelburne Hotel
Pennington Gap, VA
aid VA. Cave Survey Holsinger in charge; effort concentrated in Lee, Scott & Wise counties.
Mapping in Wildcat Caverns, Unthanks Cave, Surgener's Cave and others.
Nov. 22, 1969 Porter's Cave, VA Ten VAR members including Phil Lucas, John Tichenor, Tom Vigour and Bill Douty put new gate on cave.

May 28-31, 1970 Moncove Lake, WV aid WVASS Absence of rain. 7000 feet surveyed in various caves.
Memorial weekend, 71 Moncove Lake, VA aid WVASS Area flooding due to rain. Not much accomplished except partying. Most cavers putting energy into 1971 Blacksburg NSS convention.
Spring 1971 Madison Cave, VA Gate installed.

May 27-28, 1972 Sneedville, TN aid TN Cave Survey Attending cavers received assignments from easter egg cave hunt. Mapping in several Claiborne Co. caves; Dennis Bell's Cave map begun; encountered Melungeon's. John Wilson's first project.
October 1972 Lexington, VA check new lead Pete's Cave on North Mtn. Small group found extensive system developed in sandstone caprock.
October 1973 Simmons-Mingo cave exploration Expedition of vast proportions organized by PSC to find out more about system, WV and mapping cave

October 1977 Tucker Co. WV aid WVASS numerous caves found and verified. Very successful

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